Monday, 5 August 2013

Floral Arrangements are an Integral Part of Matrimonial Ceremonies

Amongst the most important days of life, wedding day is of prime importance since it marks the end of one phase and welcomes the start of a new phase in life with no better thing other than flowers to celebrate it with. Flowers have been a part of the weddings for hundreds of years to add to the joyous settings and to enhance the happiness by adding visual natural beauty. Wedding flowers not only add to the décor, fragrance and color but they add the certain element of liveliness in a setting. In the new era, floral specialists and flower shops are available to lend their expertise to make the event special. Since there are too many things that one is busy with, online flower shops are available for selection and ordering of wedding flowers with all the pictures and certain arrangements available to choose from. 

From a flower chain or a tiara for the bride to the decoration of the venue, elaborate floral arrangements are an integral part of the modern era weddings contributing as a major expense in the wedding costs with food, etc.  Wedding bouquets, table centerpieces and boutonnieres and sometimes flowers are used as wedding favors to appreciate their attendance.

It is important to have a clear image about the floral arrangements before it is too late and a wrong decision is made in confusion. They flowers should appreciate all colors so that they look good in the pictures. Among selecting the flowers, long lasting good quality flowers should be selected to save the embarrassment from cost cutting.

The matching of colors is important as it is preferred that flowers and bouquets with the bridal party should match the color theme of the wedding so that they complement and enhance the surroundings. There are many types of flowers that are available for one to choose from like asters, roses, carnations, hydrangeas, calla lilies, snapdragons and orchids, etc adding certain attached sophistication, elegance and grace. Seasonal flowers should be preferred like for a spring wedding, purple lilacs and irises with pink colored sweet peas is a good combination. Yellow flowers with green stems are the right choice like, blue and white irises accompanying the yellow chrysanthemums with purple irises on the centerpieces. Anemones can be used for an autumn setting; rich in color like red and blue. Generally asters and delphiniums are used with gladiolas and gerbera are present in the wedding bouquets. Winter is an elegant setting and for that poinsettias and amaryllis are the appropriate choices with decent red and whites representing the joy of the occasion. Carnation, chrysanthemums and Peruvian lilies are flowers that are available in all four seasons.

Matrimonial ceremonies are not considered complete without the ornamentation of flowers as they represent our emotions in a non-verbal way more eloquently and with flowers delivery available from the flower shops in Dubai, UAE it is just as simple as a click to get the wedding flowers you need from the online flower shops.

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