Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Tips For Choosing Wedding Flowers

You have been working in Dubai for long years. When your wedding day got fixed, you realized that it would also be a great family occasion for your family to meet and celebrate together. In the hustle and bustle of daily life you had forgotten to choose your wedding flowers which play an important role in your wedding. Your sister makes you feel at ease and helps you to understand that today there are a variety of options available. You can visit a florist that specializes in wedding flowers or place an order at flowers shop online stores from reputed popular Dubai florist. Before you finalize your wedding flower florist she offers you a few essential tips that you need to keep in mind.

Selecting flowers for bridal bouquet

You want your flower bouquet to be exceptionally beautiful. Thus your sister who is quite an expert in these matters advises you on a few key points which are:

·         The flower bouquet that you would be carrying should match with your wedding gown style and the color of the gown. Since you are tall and enjoy a full figure, she advises you to select a full bouquet of red roses.

·         She also advice you that the flowers used in your bridal bouquet should be fresh, thus you should request your chosen florist to send flowers to Dubai or from Dubai, just a few hours before the wedding ceremony begins.

What are the types of flowers to be used in your wedding?

There are many online florists who deliver flowers Dubai from other parts of the world. Your sister advices you to stick to the basics which are:

  • It is best to buy flowers which are locally grown. Otherwise the expense for the flowers would exceed its budget.
  • When decorating your reception hall, your sister adds that you can have one center piece decoration in the middle and the other small flower decorations placed either at the guests table or strategically across the room.
With your sisters much needed advice, you feel more confident and go about to choose a reputed Dubai florist, who you had visited some time ago.
Source : Flowerlakes


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